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MTL designs, builds and operates state of the art carrier neutral data centers to serve a broad spectrum of clients – telecom carriers, ISPs and peering points, IT and cloud providers, content providers, enterprise and financial services customers. These Data Centers are hyper-connected hubs and provide collocation services which include power, security, network access, redundancy, rack space, and precision cooling to its customers.

Our Data
Center Features


To maintain power availability, our data centres are designed with resilient electrical backedup by powerful UPS systems and high capacity generators.


Our precision cooling systems have been designed to meet the needs of data centre heat loads concurrently maintainable as per Tier 3 and have N+1 redundancy.


Our world class security concepts have been adapted from the strictest standards of ensuring safety for our customer’s infrastructure. 


Customers have the opportunity to leverage network density and the choice of interconnection partners to achieve the network deployment speed and scale you need.

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We Organize Our
Production Process

  • Premium Colocation for up to 52U rack available
  • Half racks available
  • Metered power
  • Bespoke in rack DC solutions
  • 3 phase power available
  • 1kW to 10kW per rack
  • Customer Suites
  • Private, secured cage available
  • Ability to install biometric security and CCTV cameras
  • Bespoke AC and DC power options available over 1 Megawatt


Our data cabling system allows for the configuration of flexible and scalable interconnections to multiple carriers and upstream service providers in our Data Center. The service also includes direct access to potentially valuable business partners within the Data Center as well as direct connection through to undersea cable providers. cross connects to any MTL’s client, carrier or service provider can be installed within 48 hours.


As part of providing a holistic solution for our customers, we offer international standard co-working spaces at some of our Data Center locations. We provide a flexible working environment with the quality and comfort associated with having your own offices, coupled with the advantage being next to the Data Center.


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